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Sherri  McKell

Sherri's love of art started at a very young age.   Her great-grandmother was an artist and took it upon herself to teach  Sherri.  Some of her earliest and fondest memories are of being at her great-grandmother's side while learning techniques of art.

Sherri took a detour from art in college.  She decided that getting a degree in a practical major would be wiser.  She earned a degree in Dietetics, but her heart was never in it.   She came back to art a few years later when she found herself a stay at home mom with two small children. It became a creative outlet that gave her balance between being a mother and a wife.

Sherri later discovered colored pencils and they quickly became her medium of choice.  Colored pencils allow her to draw at her convenience and focus on her first priority, her family.  Now a mother of five, her children often sit beside her while she draws and they work on their own projects.

Now the warmth of Sherri's art can be a part of your home too.  Please see her portfolio and commissioned portraits info to learn more.

McKell Art    186 South 180 West, Orem, UT 84058     801.765.4464   sherri@mckellart.com

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